Monday, August 30, 2010

If You Put the Boys in Bed...........

If you put the boys in bed, chances are they will want a book to read.  They love to "read" books as they fall asleep.  Just yesterday, I found one book that had been missing for a few days at the foot of the bed, under the sheets.  And then I found another wedged between the bed and the wall.  I understand this desire as that is how I usually fall asleep.  Besides, I want my boys to love reading as I do, so I indulge them with books a plenty. 

Tonight started as any other night.  I put the boys in bed.  That reminded them that I need to read a story.  My reading a story made them think of reading their own book....  I crept out to take a shower.  After my shower, I heard shouting upstairs.  I won't lie and tell you that I never hear my boys yell at each other, but this was serious stuff.

I ran upstairs to find a book fight!  My boys were throwing books at each other!  I'm pretty sure Goldbug had something to do with it.  The book fight was so fierce that Joshua ended up with a bloody nose. 

So, when you give the boys a book to read, chances are there might be a book fight and you might have to give the little one a bath to wash off the blood, and you might have to do a load of laundry.  Changing their bloody pajamas will make them think it's time to go to bed, which will make them want to read a book.  And chances are ..............

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