Sunday, August 29, 2010

Autumn Preparations

I know I haven't updated lately.  I have been preparing for autumn.  Nothing terribly exciting, but fun none-the-less.  I made 7 loaves of chocolate chip zucchini bread.  Then, I took out the autumn wardrobes and put them in the closets.  As a family, we have taken a few hikes to explore new vistas in our new neighborhood.  We have also logged (ha ha) many hours chopping down trees and getting wood.  This is hands-down my favorite thing to do. 

Joe has been busy with handy-man jobs.  I have been busy with school and my new students.  The boys are growing everyday.  They amaze me with their God-given talents.  I am sad that Jack is turning into a boy and is no longer my baby boy (he is 4 1/2).

We have been so busy that I am eagerly looking forward to the calm, stillness of winter.  I long to snuggle up near the fire and read for hours.  I pine for long winter nights, to invite friends over for Game Night.

So, what are your favorite things to do in autumn?

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