Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wild West in Tucson

The school district sent me to a conference in Tucson.  I was able to bring Joe and the boys also.  We turned it into a family vacation.  While there, they visited the Children's Museum, Mt. Lemmon, Toys R Us, and went swimming a lot.  But, if you ask the boys about their favorite part, they will both say the cowboys.

Our first night in town, we went to Trail Dust Town.  We had been there 3 years ago (when the boys were 1 1/2 and 4 months old).  Gee, they don't remember it.  We never had a chance to explore all of it at that time.  Now that the boys are older, we decided to try again.  Sooooo glad we did.

We had a nice cowboy dinner, cooked over an open fire.  That was the highlight for the boys.  You might have heard of Pinnacle Peak.  They even cut off a tie at the table next to us.  Fun!

As we were finishing up dinner, Joe came running back in the restaurant and told us to hurry.  The gunfight is starting!  Oh my!  We had heard that there is a gunfight, but I thought it was just two guys standing in front of the restaurant and yelling at each other.  Not even close.

We had to go around a corner, and there was an entire stage and bleachers set up.  They started with a roper.  He was good.  His final trick was to jump through a lasso 8 feet wide.  I tried to get good pics, but the sun was setting and he was moving his rope FAST!

Then, the real show started.  They had real guns (loaded with blanks) and real explosives.  When the dynamite went off, we could feel the heat from the bleachers.  They shot up the stage, chased each other around, fell off the buildings, and fell in the well.  The boys were glued to their seats. 

(Again, it was hard to get the action, with the dim light)

When we entered Trail Dust Town (2 hours previously), we walked over train tracks.  So, we set off to find the train.  Right next to the Chocolate Shop.  Perfect.  I could eat shop for souvenirs while the boys ride the train.  A normal seat would hold 2 adults, or 3 kids (you know, 'cuz their behinds are smaller).  We had our friends with us and they have 3 boys, so all together we had 5 boys, ages 3-7.  I thought for sure that the kids would sit on separate benches on the train.  No way.  All FIVE sat on one bench.

Do they look happy or what?!

On the way back to the van, we stopped for a few photo-opps.  Cute.

The boys in jail.

Southern Susan

Cowboy Joe

So, next time you see Jack and Josh, ask them what was their favorite part of Tucson.  Chances are, they will say the Cowboys!

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