Friday, July 9, 2010

Mullen Mountain

We have been in Sky-Hi Retreat for 4 weeks now.  Sky-Hi sits in the shadow of Mullen Mountain. 

I have been wanting to hike the mountain since we moved in, but I was still working, then we went to Tucson, and there was the unpacking.  This week, we have been hikin' fools.  I love the adventure of it!  We started with the hike to Oak Grove Pond.  I won't give away it's secret location but it turned out to be a 4 mile hike to a secluded frog pond and swimmin' hole.

Two days later, we started the Springs Trail. Unfortunately, it was getting late and we had to turn back. I can't wait to keep going, as we only discovered one of the springs, and there are more.

Yesterday, we found a nice loop going from our home around the retreat and back again.  But I have had my heart set upon Mullen Mountain.  This morning, Jack said he wanted to do Mullen.  Judging by the sky, I decided that we needed to head out early as the clouds were already building. 

We started out ok, but about 1/4 mile in, Jack was complaining.  He isn't the world's best hiker.  So, I put him on my back and off we went. 

Josh is a great hiker.  He walked the entire hike.  Jack, not so much.  Look at that face.  He was so mad that I had put him down to take his pic.  This last 1/2 mile section of the hike is called the Huff-n-Puff.  Click on this link to see the topo map and a cross section of the hike.  It was beautiful at the top.

If you look closely behind the boys, you can see distant peaks.  The hike totally reminded me of Yosemite.  Just as we hit the top, we felt a raindrop.  Then, two.  We quickly decended as monsoons here usually have a lot of electricity (i.e., lightning) in them and you don't want to be on the highetst peak when they strike.  Luckily, it just sprinkled on us as we hiked back home.  Just as we rounded the corner of our street did it start to dump on us.  Hey, what's a hike without a little adventure, right?

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