Sunday, June 6, 2010

What is Your Favorite Smell?

What is your favorite smell?  Is it fresh baked bread or apple pie?  Is it a perfume or cologne?  Is it a flower? 

Mine is the smell of adventure.  What does adventure smell like, you ask?  Adventure smells like sunlight on pine needles.  Sunlight on dirt.  A little pee-pee and some mud...... Let me explain.

By now, you know that I love to have adventures with my boys.  I was off work this week, getting things ready for the yard sale and the move.  I didn't get to spend much time with the boys and I will be going back to work tomorrow for a month.  So, I decided to take them on a hike. 

They have done walks before, but never a hike.  I packed a picnic lunch, water, and sunscreen.  Oh, and of course, my trusty camera.  Today was the hottest day of the year, so I was thinking that Ice Cave Trail would be a good one. 

We started our hike, uneventfully.  The boys paused to climb on a rock in a meadow and Joshua picked flowers for me.  Such a sweetie.

Jack got real good at reading the trail markers. 

All of a sudden, we rounded a corner, and came out at Scott Reservoir.  The boys went running to the lake! 

It was hot.  Our average high at this time of year is 82.  Our record high for this day was 92.  Today's recorded high was 97!  That's 15 degrees above average and 5 degrees above the record!  Josh stayed on the shore, but Jack went in up to his armpits.  This from the boy who used to sit on the edge of a pool for HOURS with only a toe in the water. 

After our "swim" in the lake, we were on the move again.  We just kept going and going.  Up and up we went.  I just didn't understand.  The trialhead marker said 2 miles to the Ice Cave Trail.  I know my distances pretty well and felt that we passed 2 miles a long time ago.  Yet, I knew we were on the right trail, because of all the blue diamonds on the trees.  The boys were getting tired and hot and thunderclouds were starting to form.  We decided to take a break under this old, old, old grandpa juniper and then head back.  Good thing, the thunder was starting. 

When we came back to the lake, the clouds were most definitely moving in.  We normally get our monsoons in July, but we have already established that today's weather was not normal.  At first, we were counting the blue diamond trail markers.  At about this point, we started counting the thunder instead.  It was getting closer and rolled longer. 

We came to the stream to cross.  When we crossed it the first time, we crossed on the rocks.  But, we were dusty from the trail and wanted to wash off our legs.  We were hurrying across.  As you can see from this pic, the clouds are getting darker and closer.  If you have ever been caught in a monsoon in the White Mountains, you'll know why we were hurrying. 

The stream was really muddy, as the horses had just recently crossed it.  The streambed was all turned up.  It was perfect for sucking in shoes.  It sucked in my 2 shoes, but I didnt't pull my feet out until my hands were on the shoes.  Jack didn't know this trick.  He pulled his foot out and we had no idea where the shoe was.  Yes, he has only one shoe on in this pic.  He is pointing to where he thinks the shoe is.  Or was.  Or could be.  All the while, the thunder is getting louder and closer. 

So, what's a mom to do?  There was no way we could hike back with only one shoe.  It would be real uncomfortable to carry Jack back.  So, I jumped in the muddy stream and started searching with my hands.  I couldn't see a thing.  I decided to let the stream settle a little and then maybe it would clear up a little.  Nope.  I prayed that God would miracuously let me find the shoe.  Sure enough.  My hand went right to it this time.  I was so excited.  I wanted to shout for joy.  I was sure the boys would think me a hero.  I look over and see this......

The joys of having boys.

Here's a pic of the shoe, if you care.  They obviously didn't.

We finished the hike before any rain fell.  We paused just long enough to take a picture of ourselves. 

What a crew!  I was too tired at this point to set the timer again and take a good shot.  I spent some more time looking at the trail marker.  Oh, 2 miles to the trailhead!  We hiked 5 miles round trip, overall!  Ahhh, the smell of pine needles, dirt, pee-pee, and mud.

so, what's your favorite smell?

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