Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Settled

We have been in our new home for 2 weeks and are getting settled. By no means are we done yet, but we are getting there. I have been asked (by quite a few of you) for pics of the place now that we are moved in.  For some reason, the pics went in opposite order, but you get the picture (literally).

Guest bedroom/gym.  Nice view from the window too.

Boys bedroom. 

Boys bedroom.  They LOVE their room!

Upstairs hallway. 

Kitchen.  I love that I can display my china set.

Kitchen island.  I love that everything is within easy reach.

Downstairs Bath. 

Living Room. 

Laundry room window with stained glass.  I can see this window from the living room, and it's so pretty.

Living Room, front wall.  Simple, but homey.

This little nook is under the stairs, next to the Dining room.  I put the appliances that I don't use very often in there.

I hung a chalkboard in the cubby in the Dining room.  I envisioned writing the menu on it.  The boys love using to to write their names. 

Dining Room.  That door overlooks a meadow and I get to watch the birds every meal.

Whirlpool tub in Master Bath.  Very relaxing.

The Master Bedroom. 
Master Bathroom.  I love that I put all my cotton balls and stuff in glass jars.  So cute.

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