Saturday, May 15, 2010

Police Parade

A few weeks ago, my students earned a field trip to the local police department.  They have to get 15 days of perfect attendance to earn a field trip and they have earned over 3 trips so far this year.  They had a good time and learned much.  After returning to school, they made posters and thank you cards for everyone in the department.

Two weeks ago, I went to the PD to drop off the artwork.  They invited me inside and showed me the memorial mural of the officer lost in the line of duty.  They told me about the parade coming up.  I said that was nice.  Elmer told me that it would be nice if my kids were there.  I said we could go and watch.  (I guess I was still not getting the hint)  The chief then asked if we would walk WITH them in the parade.  What an honor!  Of course we would!

My students made a banner all by themselves (I have to admit, I was busy assessing other students and couldn't help).  It turned out great.  So great, that we were asked to move to the front of the parade and strangers kept coming up to us to take pictures.  We were told that McGruff would be there, but he brought his friends Smokey Bear AND Woodsy the Owl!  So cool!

I was thinking that the parade would be just that; a parade.  I had planned to march and then return to school.  I had blocked off 3 hours for a 1/2 mile parade.  Good thing I did.

The parade ended at Memorial Hall, where they had a huge event set up!  They had cake and snacks.  They even had Crown Dancers!  If you don't know Crown Dancers, google it.  They are sacred and very special to Apaches. 

Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity for my kids to see dedication and hard work honored.  Aren't they so precious?

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