Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cleaned Out

I cleaned house this weekend.  No, not the scrubbing toilets kind of clean.  I mean the real clean.  The kind we rarely do.

I started with the obvious.  That was easy to clean out.

Then, I moved on to the dark, scary places.  I found things I had been holding on to.  Things I wanted to use for a rainy day.  Things I wanted to use to my advantage when the time was right.  I let go of those things.

I found good things that had been broken along the way.  I took them out and decided to work on them.  They had value and deserved to be brought back to light.

I found good things in good shape.  Things I had forgotten about.  I took them out and put them in a place of prominence, so I can see them daily.  See them and reflect on them.  Think on these things.  (Phillipians 4:8)

I then went outside.  I pulled up weeds that had grown deep roots.  Weeds that I had let take over for years, because, well, because it was easy to just ignore them.  Well, it wasn't easy to deal with a weed that had been left willy-nilly for years.  I found that said weeds had spread and multiplied.  I had to deal with multiple weeds, instead of just one.

Finally, I planted seeds.  I have heard the saying "Grow or die".  I planted seeds because I want my marriage to grow, not die.  I'm not saying all the hard work is over.  Hardly.  I know it's only begun.  But at least, it has begun. 

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