Sunday, April 18, 2010

Never Thought It Would Happen

I have an addiction.  If I don't get my drug of choice, I start to think about how to get it.  I usually make sure there is some hidden in the house.  There is even some in my classroom.  And if I need some on the road, I have my favorite spots to score some. 

What is my addiction?  No, it's not alcohol.  It's not cigarettes.  It's not elicit drugs.  It's soda. 

There is nothing like a big glass of ice cold soda.  Those little bubbles dancing in the glass.  That straw that elevates it to another level.  Ahhh, soda.

I was able to quit while pregnant (with Jack), but quickly fell back into it.  Like I said, I had 12-packs stashed under the bed so Joe wouldn't drink them up too fast.  I had 2 sodas stashed in my classroom in case of emergency headache.  And I know who has the best soda, who has the best straws (yes, it makes a difference), and who has the best price. 

I know.  I know.  You are thinking of all the horrible effects of drinking soda.  Rotting teeth.  Unnecessary sugar.  Osteoporosis.  Diabetes.  Weight gain.  But none of that mattered.... until now.

I mentioned previously that I weigh the most I ever have (excluding pregnancies).  I didn't mind the number so much.  I didn't mind the belly bulge so much.  I just didn't like the listless, slothlike feeling.  I noticed that my posture was horrible when I was standing.  When I was sitting, I was slouched. 

Now, I'm not a dramatic person and I wasn't about to start a diet.  Heck, I wasn't even going to exercise.  I wanted to see what would happen if I just quit soda. 

I lost that sluggish feeling.  I find myself sitting up straighter.  My bulge is gone.  And........... I lost 4 pounds! 

But I already told you that I'm not one to fly off the handle.  I didn't want to give up my addiction so fast.  So, today at lunch, I thought I would treat myself to a soda.  You know what?  It tasted horrible!  I never thought it would happen, but I don't want to drink soda anymore. 

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