Thursday, April 1, 2010


Joe had his Kidney Doctor appointment yesterday.  If you remember, Joe needed to gain weight and get healthy in time for this appointment.  The doctor wanted to start Joe on chemo meds that would compromise his immune system.  We started the Biggest Loser contest in our house, to help Joe gain 12 pounds and for me to lose 12 pounds.  Whatever!  I guess we are a bunch of losers.  We can't gain or lose to save our lives.  I admit, I have only lost 2 pounds.  Darn it.  Valentine's hit me hard this year.  I still have candy stashed in my desk at school.  I have been bribing the students with it but it's like the 5 loaves and 2 fish.  I still have candy! 

But, this is about Joe.  He gained more than I lost.  He gained 4 pounds.  And let me tell you, he has been serious about his eating.  The guy never stops!  Soooooo not fair.  His cold and congestion did go away.  But the doc won't start him on chemo meds until he gains more weight.  So, what does the doctor prescribe?

Fungus.  Yeah, I know.  What?!  It's some pill that is made from the fungus family.  It's supposed to help his kidney function.  I'm not sure of the exact name as I can NOT read the prescription.  My 4th graders write better than that. 

So, here we are.  A few pounds lighter or heavier.  But not enough.  I'm actually happy he's not on the chemo meds because I have heard that it knocks you out.  Keep praying as his next appointment is in May.

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