Saturday, April 24, 2010

Family Fun Day in Greer

Have you ever been to a cute little mountain town?  The kind that has one building that serves as Post Office and library and central hub?  The kind with little mom and pop restaurants that have breath-taking views?  That's Greer

Teachers were invited to a special luncheon called "No Child Left Indoors".  Right up my alley.  I'm never in my classroom.  We are always outside doing science experiments.  Or on the playgroud "burying treasure".  Or walking on a field trip to the gym, post office, grocery store, fire department, library, or police department.  Or planting a letterbox at Fort Apache

Instead of spending the day away from the family, I brought them along.  We were going to do a letterbox hunt at Sunrise, but there was so much new snow.  Instead, we stopped at a cinder pit and went sledding.

The boys dropped me off at the Community Center, which has gorgeous views, by the way.  They then went fishing at the Greer Lakes. 

They caught fish.  Yes, they caught fish!  Joe baited the lines but the boys caught the fish.  Jack's pole had been sitting there for awhile and Joe suggested he reel it in to rebait it.  As Jack was reeling it in, Jack said, "Dada, I think I have a fish!"  Sure enough, when he got it closer to shore, there was a fish.  Joe said it was 14 inches.  Joe couldn't take pics because he was busy releasing the poor thing. 

Then, Joe baited Josh's line and cast it (uh I'm a little afraid of my 3 year old casting a real lure).  As Joe was setting the pole, he got a bite.  He gave the pole to Josh to reel in.  He reeled it in all by himself and that one measured 8 inches. 

As for me, I had a great time too.  The luncheon was for educators, but sadly, only 4 of us were there (3 in my posse alone!).  We had a great lunch catered by Molly Butler's Lodge.  Various presenters taught us ways to get our kids in the outdoors and incorporate outdoor ed. 

Since only a few teachers attended, there was a plethora of posters to giveaway.  They were literally piling them on our arms.  I got some great posters for my classroom.

On our way out, they did door prizes.  My friend Reba was hoping to get the Arizona's Gift: Capital Christmas Tree bag.  Well, low and behold, I won it.  I did what any friend would do: I gave it to her.  A few door prizes later, they called out the name for the $25 gift certificate to Red Devil Italian Restaurant (this is the restaurant we went for our anniversary).  It was Reba!  She quickly handed the certificate over to me.  Is that the sweetest thing, or what?  I tried to protest (albeit not very hard) and she insisted. 

Overall, it was a great family day in Greer and the perfect way to start the season on outdoors and fresh air!  I love the White Mountains.

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