Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thanks for the Gas, Man

Thanks for the gas, man.  We really needed it.  I mean, REALLY needed it!  Like in the middle of the desert on a hot day, with the two boys, with an empty tank REALLY needed it! Thanks.
I will not point fingers, but "someone" got into the minivan to drive and neglected to look at the gas gauge. They drove past gas stations. Past signs that cautioned "no services for x amount of miles".  Kept driving after the gas tank warning dinger dinged.  Sixty miles past! 

From the backseat, I notice that my very confident, competent husband is frantically pushing overhead buttons.  He freezes when he gets to the display showing how many more miles until the tank is empty.  It shows 12 miles.  Twelve miles.  There's not even a road sign for another 12 miles, let alone a gas station!

Ahhhh, a road sign!  Next town:  45 miles.  Gulp!  Start praying.  I could have thought of all the things that could have happened.  We could ahve run out of gas on the freeway and had the van die.  We could have been hit from behind.  What if Joe lost control with it turned off?  We could have run out of gas and had to park on the side of the freeway.  Flashbacks to our move to AZ 4 years ago (flat tire, not empty tank).  We could have had to hitch a ride to the nearest gas station (remember, 45 miles away).  I could just keep going.  Remember, I'm all about the adventure.

Yet, God miraculously kept the van going 24 miles past the empty mark.  We rolled into a gas station and filled her up!  Here's the crazy thing.  She has an 18 gallon tank, yet she took 20 gallons when we filled her up.  I think God took some of your gas and gave it to us.  So, thanks for the gas, man.

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