Sunday, March 21, 2010

Take Me to Your Leader

Josh has my sense of adventure.  And Joe's great map skills.

It's finally warm enough that the snow has melted!  whooo!  We figure we got about 10 feet this winter.  We had 5 feet in one week alone! 

True to Spring Fever, the boys and I were just itching to get outside and go for a walk.  Our backyard has a great trail system through undeveloped forest.  One trail leads out to Show Low Lake.  This "hike" is a favorite of ours, as it's easy, secluded, and ends in a beautiful, big lake.
We set out on our course, with me in the lead.  I know which trails intersect where and how to get to the creek the fastest.  Josh gracefully hopped across the rocks across the creek.  Jack slipped into the water. 

After our "hike", we were headed back.  I decided to test them to see if they could find their way back home.  I thought that Jack would lead and take us back on the trails we had used to get there.  But, he didn't want to lead.  Instead, Josh said, "Our home is that way!"  Funny thing is, he was dead right and you can't  even see the houses from the creek.

As Josh started leading, I kept thinking that he was heading towards the nearest trail.  He wasn't.  He was heading in a bee-line towards our house.  We crossed over 2 or 3 trails.  We climbed over fallen trees.  Nothing deterred him from his path to the house.  I guess he knows the fastest route.

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