Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break

Ah, Spring.  One thinks of flowers, birds, and ROAD TRIPS!!!!!!!!!!!

We decided to take some of our tax return money and head out West, to Cali.  Goin' back to Cali, to Cali, I'm goin' back to Cali............(sorry, couldn't resist).

Our first full day there, we went to Huntington Beach.  Although I lived on two sailboats and lived in San Diego for 3 years, I am not a beach person.  It's windy and sandy.  And, it's usually cold.  Therefore, I hadn't been to Huntington Beach in about 17 years.  The HB I remember growing up was much different than the one today.  Back in the day, there were long stretches of marshy-swamp land.  There was a "downtown" area near the peir, but they were real laid back and you could walk in wearing your bathing suit and flip-flops.  Now, the marshes are gone.  In their place are two huge resorts.  Not just a hotel-kind, but fancy-smancy kind.  And the downtown area is all glitzed up and fancy too.  What happened to the sleepy, laid-back HB? 

And parking!!!!!!!!  Parking!  Joe and I had a bet on how much it would cost.  Joe said $7.  Ha.  I said $10.  Ha.  Parking was $15 (more than the parking at D-land)!  But, it was worth it.

As soon as we pulled up, Jack asked if we could take his shirt off.  But, "I want to keep my sunglasses on, Mom".  Ok, big boy.  He was in the water instantly.  Now, a little background on Jack.  Jack will sit on the edge of a pool for over an hour with barely a toe in the water.  We usually get so fed up that we just pick him up and carry him into the water.  Yet, at the beach, he stayed in the water the whole time; even after a wave knocked him over.  Joshua, on the other hand, stayed next to the blanket the whole time.  He is usually my fish when it comes to pools.  He will jump in the deep end with no one around.  But, he never even touched the water at the beach.  Isn't that interesting? 

We noticed a lot of kites near the pier.  I mean, A LOT of kites!  As we walked closer, we noticed that it was an exhibition.  There were teams that would fly their kites together.  It was really cool to watch.  As we stood on the peir watching, one kite came close enough to touch.

We finished the day off with an ice-cream.  Ah, California.

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