Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm All About the Adventure

Today was another snow day.  Yet another.

In their 4 and 3 years of life, I have never taken the boys sledding.  Oh, I know.  I could have driven over to Pizza Hut Hill and slid them off the hill.  I could have driven up to Sunrise Ski Resort and gone tubing with them.  But, where is the adventure in that?  I'm all about the adventure.

We borrowed sleds from our friends who live at Sky High.  They gave me directions, but seriously, following the right road is sooooooo, um, predictable.  So, I got lost.  Yeah, drove right past the turn off and drove down the dirt road for an additional 2 miles.  In a snowstorm.  Adventure!

After turning around, we found the right road.  We had to walk in, as I was afraid to get the truck stuck all by myself in the middle of nowhere, in a snowstorm.  Although, that would have been adventurous.  The walk was at least 1/4 mile, but seriously, it feels more like 1/2 mile when you are pulling 65 pounds in knee deep snow. 

Finally, we rounded a corner, and we could hear angels singing and the heavens opened up.  Sort of.  It was beautiful though.  And, we were the only ones there!  That's cool, it adds to the adventure.

As we entered the open field area, we began to sink.  Every step, I sank to my hip.  I soon learned that I could "walk" better on my knees, as my weight was distributed along my shins.

Honestly, by this time, I was wiped!  Pooped!  And I turned around just staring at the steep walls of the cinder pit.  Which hill would we climb to go sledding?  Which hill COULD we climb?  Which hill could I climb while pulling the boys?  The nearest, short hill.  That's which.

Jack got off the sled and went running up the hill.  Show off!  Yeah, you have energy cuz I just carried you half way across America.  After what seemed to be an hour (probably closer to 5 minutes), we made it to the top of the hill.  I resolved for one sledding trip down the hill and then trek back to the truck.  I told you I was tired. 

The boys had a blast!  They grabbed the sled and ran back up the hill.  The same hill that I was sitting on top of, out of breath, and afraid that I would sink to my hips again. 

 Up and down.  Up and down.  Over and over.  At last, it was time to leave.  The snow was starting to accumulate and Josh's hands were pink, they were so cold.  Back down the road, pulling the 65 pounds of cuteness.  Nothing but pure adventure.  Pure, fun adventure.

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