Saturday, March 20, 2010


Disneyland truly is the "happiest place on Earth".  We had a BLAST!  I don't know who had more fun: us or the boys.

First off, I have to tell you how we scored on the tickets.  Have you noticed that D-land does not offer coupons or discounts?  They just know that you are willing to spend big bucks.  But not good-ole Susan.  Not this bargain shopper.  A friend told me about buying tickets on eBay.  Seriously?  Is that even legal?  Is that honest?  Is that safe?  Yes, yes, yes! 

There are local companies that are licensed through the city of Anaheim to do this.  They auction tickets on eBay and you pick them up, use them, and return them.  As simple as that.  In the one hour or so I spent online bidding for the tickets, we saved $180!  How's that for return on investment?  And, they were Park Hopper Passes. 

None of us (Joe, myself, Jack, Josh, and my dad) had never been to CA Adventure.  Since we had Park Hoppers, we decided to have a look around.  They had Mater and Lightning McQueen!  They had a really cool Redwoods area that sooooooooooo reminded us of Yosemite.  We spent most of our time in Bug's Life.  Joshie was afraid of the big bugs.  ha ha.  Jack got to drive the bumper bugs with my dad. 

We then just walked across the plaza to D-land.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (can you hear the angels singing?).  We had perfect weather.  It was semi-crowded.  Our longest wait in line was 40 minutes for Materhorn.  We snacked on our pb&j sandwiches while standing in line so we didn't have to waste time or money at the "restaurants". 

The boys enjoyed Toon Town the most.  I could tell that my dad and Joe were bored stiff.  I offered to watch the boys for 2 hours in Toon Town, so they could ride the fast rides.  They were gone before I could blink.  As soon as they left, Goofy walked out.  We were second in line to get his picture.  The boys were smiles from ear to ear. 

They raced around Toon Town and then wanted to look at Mickey's house.  I thought it was just a living room and kitchen kinda thing that would take 5 minutes tops.  Well, the house kept going and going.  We were outside in his garden.  Then, inside his barn.  Then, watching a cartoon.  Then, they opened a door and there was the Big Cheese himself!  In the flesh!  or, um, in the fur.  The boys were soooooooooooo excited!

They then wanted to visit Minnie's house, but she was on break.  Girls.  Probably powdering her nose.  That's ok.  We got in line for the Inspector Gadget roller coaster.  I was a little afraid for the boys sake.  Once again, they had a blast!

We then took the train to New Orleans and rode Pirates.  Josh was a little afraid.  I guess he thought it was all real.  They climbed the tree house.  We rode the Jungle Boats.  And just about then, the boys started to get cranky.  They had walked the whole day.  They couldn't take a nap.  So, it was time.  Overall, we were there 6 1/2 hours.  And I can't wait to go again!

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