Sunday, February 28, 2010

Men are Nurturers

I think all men are nurturers.  It's ingrained in them.  They want to be the man and provide, but also make their woman happy.  My three guys nursed me back to health yesterday.

I woke up with intense sinus pressure.  Intense!  On top of that, my whole body ached and I was moving at the speed of about 1 mile per hour (instead of my usual 50 mph). 

My boys removed my shoes and gave me a "massage".  I say "massage" because 3 year old boys don't apply much pressure.  But, it was the thought.  I told them I just wanted to lay down on the couch to watch them play.  They ran to their room and got their blankets off their beds and covered me up.  Then, they both gave me their teddies.  My boys are VERY close to their teddies, so this was huge for them. 

After awhile, I needed more medicine.  The boys brought me the meds and a cup of water.  Josh stuck around to play with my hair for a little.  Both of them talked to me in this sweet, cute mothering voice.  Josh told me, "Mommy, don't worry.  We take care of you."  And they did.

All this while Joe was Superdad.  He cleaned the entire house.  I mean, scrubbing toilets, mopping, laundry.  He even went grocery shopping and then made dinner.  After that, he cleaned up the dishes. 

No one likes getting sick, but sometimes it's good.  It's good to see your "men" take on the nurturing role.  I am blessed to have the three of them.

It is now the next morning, and I can finally blow my nose.  There is nothing worse than all that pressure and not being able to blow it out.  My aches are almost all gone and I'm moving at about half speed.  Thank you for your prayers.

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