Saturday, February 6, 2010

Biggest Loser Contest Update

Joe and I are having a weight contest.  I needed to lose 12 pounds and he needed to gain at least 12.  I'm not going to be coy anymore.  I was 132 and he had dropped to 148.  There, now you know.

Week 1: Susan lost 2 pounds.  Joe lost 2 pounds.

Week 2:  Susan lost 1 pound.  Joe lost 1 pound.  (If you haven't noticed, Joe is moving in the wrong direction here).

Week 3:  Susan lost 4 pounds!  That puts me at 125.  I was 125 when I got pregnant with Jack 5 years ago!  Whooooo hooooo!  Funny thing is, I still have the hips.  That's alright, curves are womanly.

Now for Joe's good news:  Joe gained 5 pounds!  He has gained back all that he lost recently and put on 2 more.  He needs to bulk up before the Kidney Doctor will put him on chemo meds (the next step in his regimen). 

I am happy for both of us and can't wait to spend that $100 on new clothes, 'cuz "mama needs a new pair of shoes", and pants, and shirts, and socks, and of course a PURSE!  Hello?!  I better win this thing.  I just looked in my closet and noticed that I have clothes from when I started teaching 7 years ago!  I have clothes from Student Teaching!  I have clothes from college (reeek, reeeek, reeek *creepy Psycho music)!!!

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