Saturday, January 30, 2010

To Freeze or Not To Freeze

That is the question. 

Let's face it.  Being a working mom is hard work.  I find myself getting home exhausted.  It's about all I can do to get dinner on the table. 

I have found a trick that works well for me.  Prepare many meals on the weekend (or during a snow storm) and freeze them.  This way, I know that I am serving a nutritous meal and it's uber easy.  Oh, and a lot cheaper than take-out!

However, our freezer is small.  I am not complaining because the frig/freezer is a blessing from God.  When we bought the house, there was a very small frig/freezer in the kitchen.  It was also the wrong color.  Two years ago, one of Joe's clients decided to sell her house and gave EVERYTHING in it to us.  EVERYTHING!  We had a huge yard sale and ebay-fest that made our mortgage payment that month.  One of the things that she had was a new-ish, white, water dispenser, ice maker, glass shelves, gallon-sized doors..... frig/freezer.  I love the frig side of it.  However, the freezer side is very, very narrow. 

I have thought of buying a deep freezer for the garage, but not sure.  So, I need your help.  To freeze or not to freeze?  Do you have a freezer?  Does the extra electricity cost outweigh the benefits?  How much did you pay for it?  What features do you like?  Not like?   What brand do you suggest?

Thanks.  If and when we get the freezer, I plan to include links on here for once-a-month cooking and freezer meals. 

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