Friday, January 15, 2010

My Little Superman

By now, you have heard about our extended hotel (oops, I mean hospital) stay. Jack was finally diagnosed with RSV with Bronchiolitis. Breaking his fever and getting him to eat were the biggest concerns at the hospital. One other concern was his oxygen.

When he entered ER, he was at 82%. Up here on the mountain, we are typically around 95%, give or take. While he was being monitored for 3 days in his hospital room, Jack couldn't keep it above 85%. 85% is the alarm cutoff, and I can't tell you how many times that alarm went off. But, he was on oxygen therapy and that kept him above 90%. The doc wanted him at 91% (or better of course) awake and 88% asleep.

The day we left, Jack was in the 90's, with no oxygen. But, the doc ordered oxygen for home for sleeping. Smart man.

My school nurse lent us a pulse-oxygen meter. I have been checking his oxygen levels everyday. He has been going down. We would sure appreciate your prayers in this matter.

When Jack went to the doc for his hospital follow-up, he was at 86%. The good news is that his lungs were perfectly clear and he tested negative for Kidney Disease (Joe's malady). The doc was concerned and upped the oxygen at night and scheduled another follow-up appointment.

I tested Jack last night and he was 75%. Same result today. He has to stay on his oxygen fulltime now.

Have you ever seen a 3 year old (oops, I mean 4 year old) put his own canula in his nose and put his tubing behind his ears? It's cute and sad at the same time. Cute, in that he is so fiercely independent. cough cough I have no idea where he got that from. cough. Yet, sad to think that this active boy is now tethered to a machine. He might outgrow this problem. The Advair might help. But for now, there is a very active little boy, hooked up to a machine, with a really long tube connected to his nose.

Did I mention it was a long tube? The machine is in their bedroom and he can walk all the way to the living room, and still have slack in the line. He can do some amazing things with it. For one, he can sleep with it. Sleep. With a plastic tube in his nose. Sleep. I would have ripped the thing out of my nose a week ago, but he is a real good sport about it.

Another thing he can do is jump. Oh, I don't mean your run of the mill jump up and down in place. I think only girls do that. Certainly my boys don't do that. Jack has discovered that he can jump from his bed to his brother's bed to the carpet and not land on his tubing. He can also jump from the stepladder to the carpet in the bathroom, without landing on the tile. He's a regular Superman.

And that's just what Jack is: my little Superman. He didn't even flinch when the nurses in ER inserted his IV. He cried a little when they drew blood multiple times (hey, I still cry when they take my blood). And like I said, he has not taken out his canula or tried to turn off his machine. He has taken all this in stride.

So, the next time I see something streak across the living room, perhaps leeping from one couch to the other, it could be a bird, a plane, or ........ my little Superman (with 25 feet of tubing attached to an oxygen machine).

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