Saturday, January 30, 2010

Losing the Battle

By now, you have heard about our weight loss challenge.  I am trying to lose 12 pounds and Joe is trying to gain 12 pounds. The first week, I lost 2 pounds, and so did Joe. 

After another week, of me cutting out soda (yes, it is possible) and eating more fruit,

with Joe eating more and not working out at all,

I have lost one more pound.  I am pretty happy with myself.  That's a total of 3 pounds in 2 weeks.  At this rate, I will be at my goal by Spring.  I actually just fell below 130; a number I haven't been in 5 years. 

As for Joe, he lost a pound also.  That means he has lost 3 pounds in 2 weeks, when he should be gaining weight.  Joe is down to 145.  Please continue to pray, as he is getting worse and worse and he needs to beef up before he can start his next pill treatment.  If you see him (at Wal-Mart or Home Depot) please don't mention that he looks like he lost weight.  It is very disheartening every time he gets on the scale. 

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