Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Officially On (or Off)

IT is officially on (or off depending on whose team you are on).

Tuesday, I found out that I'm two pounds over the TOP of the "healthy" range for my height. When I met Joe, I was 120 pounds and in the best shape of my life. I hiked Yosemite everyday and rode the Security bike every afternoon for work. Ten years and two pregnancies later, I am 12 pounds heavier. And all this time I had been blaming my dryer for my shrinking clothes.

Wednesday, Joe went to the doctor and found out that he is AT LEAST 12 pounds underweight. The steriods he took all last year did not put his Kidney Disease into remission. He got the stomach flu in December and it actually put him in the hospital. All the weight he lost from that has not come back. To make matters worse, the next course of action for treating his Kidney Disease is to take chemo meds. The chemo meds will make him more vulnerable, hence the doctor wants him to bulk up before we begin that regimen.

So, here we are. I want to lose 12 pounds and Joe wants to gain 12 pounds. It's on!

I have two plans of attack. I will limit my soda intake. Oh, how I love soda. I have tried the diet brands, and they just don't cut it for me. My next plan of attack is to .... cough, cough.............. exercise. Yes, you read that right. Exercise. I won't go over the top, believe me. The stationary bike in the living room is about as far as I will go. But, at least I will go. Or, not go. It is a stationary bike, after all.

Joe will have a harder time. He can't just eat more protein. In fact, more protein makes his kidneys work harder and shorten their lives. He is just going to have to eat more and more often. Seriously, this is just not fair.

I will try to post weekly updates to let you know who is winning the contest. Oh, the contest! I almost forgot to tell you the prize. If I win, I get a $100 shopping spree for new clothes for my svelte new body. If Joe wins, he will get $100 but he doesn't know what he wants to do with it yet. The grand prize is that we will both be healthier. And that's all that matters. That, and a new wardrobe.

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