Friday, January 8, 2010

The Full Story on Jack and His Health

Ok, no time to be poetic and graceful.

Sunday, Josh had a fever and was out of it. Monday, Jack had a fever and was coughing. He coughed so much, he made himself throw up. I came home from work and immediately got back in the van and took both of them to the walk-in clinic, as our pediatrician was already gone for the day.

While waiting, Joshua threw up. The doc examined both of them and did a Rapid Flu Test to see what was going on. He said the test came back positive and that he was 95% sure they had H1N1. He gave Jack Tamiflu, as we caught Jack early enough. Josh would just have to ride it out. Good thing, because Josh is our healthy one. *Side note: remember the Christmas card I sent this year? See what I mean about a year with no ER?

I stayed home with them on Tuesday. Josh seemed to immediately get better. He was singing and dancing. Jack, on the other hand, was laying on the couch all day, drifting in and out of sleep. He refused to eat or drink anything. When we went to bed, his fever seemed to have broken.

Wednesday, I went to work (Parent Teacher Conferences) and Joe stayed home. Again, Joshua seemed to be the epitome of health, bouncing off the couch again. Jack, again, was listless, and refused to eat/drink. He had gotten so dehydrated that his lips were bleeding. His eyes were bloodshot. Once again, when I got home and saw this, I immediately got back in my van. but this time, I drove Jack straight to the ER.

When we were seen in triage, the lady put Jack on oxygen. His levels were too low. The ER doc ordered xrays. They came back "scratchy". I am thinking that with Jack's history of pneumonia and the scratchy lungs, the doc diagnosed him with pneumonia once again. Ok, well, we have been down that road before and I know how to treat that (twice with myself and once with Jack).

The ER doc was going to send us home at 2am and order an oxygen company to meet me at the house and teach me how to keep Jack on oxygen. I told him that I really wasn't comfortable with that and I would feel more comfortable with a hostpital room and more time with observation. Done.

Turns out that when we walked in to ER 7 hours previously, the nurses could see how sick Jack was they called upstairs to have a room reserved for Jack. Smart women.

It was nice to have our own room and nurses, but there were so many machines and tests and monitors. At about 3am, Jack begged me to snuggle with him on his bed. The nurses said it was ok. I slept about one hour and then a monitor started beeping and that was the end of my sleep.

Our pediatrician came in around 8am and had a lot of questions. He ordered more tests. Most of all, he was confused with the diagnosis of the clinic doc and the ER doc.

When all the results came back, Dr. Barela (our ped) came back from his office. Jack tested NEGATIVE for the flu. NEGATIVE! He said the clinic doc read the results wrong. Dr. Barela said that we haven't had H1N1 on the mountain in months! Arrrrrgg! but, also a relief. He said that Jack's symptoms were not consistent with pneumonia. Test. Result. Positive for RSV. All of a sudden, Jack's room was on quarantine. I shouldn't leave the room, not that I had.

Dr. Barela said that Jack could have gone home yesterday evening if he had stable vitals. He still can't keep his oxygen up. He can't keep his fever down consistently. And he still has not eaten since Monday. Please pray.

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