Sunday, January 10, 2010

Four is Two 2's

Jack is now home. Our family is complete again. Four is two 2's.

I want to begin with thanking all of you for your prayers. God healed him when all the doctor's attempts failed. But, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Friday morning was when I wrote the first blog about Jack. I had gone home Thursday night from sheer exhaustion, but I didn't realize how it would feel to leave Jack at the hospital. Our family wasn't complete. We were separated. That felt even worse, so I decided to go back and to not leave again, until Jack was coming home.

Dr. Barela had come to visit Jack before I got there. Jack still had not kept his oxygen levels up, he had not kept his fever down, and he had not eaten. One more day, at least.

All day Friday, Jack was in and out of sleep and not interested in anything. The treatments set forth by the doctor were the same since Wednesday: oxygen mask, breathing treatments every 4 hours, continuous IV, nasal suctioning, Tylenol. At about noon, Pastor Ernie and some men from church came to check on Jack and pray over him.

About three hours later, Jack was a different boy. His fever had come down, his oxygen had come up, he was even sitting up in bed. The nurses said that if he kept it up, he could go home on Saturday. Maybe.

He continued to do well Friday night and had asked to go in the elevators. See, we live in a small mountain town that has one other elevator (at the library). It's very exciting, I guess. The nurses told him that if he ate food, they would disconnect his IV and he could go for a little walk with me in the hospital.

Boy, did he eat! He ate two pieces of bacon, one sausage, and some cantalope. Keep in mind that he had not eaten since Monday. At noon on Saturday morning, they disconnected his IV. And he was such a champ about it. I had already disconnected his oxygen as of early morning. It was basically the first time he had been out of bed since Wednesday and the first time walking since Monday. He was a little dizzy at first.

I had a train in my purse (randomness of being a mom) and that was Jack's therapist. We put it on the floor and turned it on. It's slow pace was our guide. We made it all the way to the elevators, a far way from his room. He wanted to push the buttons. Exciting again. We went up to the top floor and looked out through the windows. We sat on the couch there and just looked. There really is a great view from up there. We could see Show Low Lake. Porter Mountain. The rim. We tried to see our house, but there are too many trees. Next, we took the elevator down to the lobby and looked at the aquariums. Finally, we followed the train back to his room. And, he was hungry when we got back. He ordered a cheeseburger AND chicken nuggets!

We took some cute pics to remember our hospital "vacation" with the webcam. Not even 10 minutes later, we got the news we had been waiting for; Jack could go home! Now, I don't want you to get the idea that the hospital was all bad. The rooms are great. Private. Huge. Flat screen TV. Room service with the touch of a button. And the nurses are outstanding. They were so patient with Jack. So caring. One nurse gave him a book. The business office gave him two toys and some slippers. Another nurse gave him a giraffe. We named him Summit (also the name of the hospital).

Four is two 2's. Friday night, Jack began talking again. He hadn't talked since Monday. All of a sudden, he told me that "four is two 2's". Random. I asked him what he meant by that. He said that "four is two and two" (he doesn't know "plus" yet). I affirmed him and asked how he learned that. He said that our family has four people, two and two. Yes, sweetheart, four is two and two. And our family has one more, God. Thank you Lord for returning my family to me. "Jack" means: God is gracious....... And He is!

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