Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Best Toys

I have posted before that the best toys are "No Batteries Required".  It's the truth.

Last night, I  brought home some Snapcubes for the boys.  I had seen that the preschoolers at school were working on patterning with Snapcubes.  I wanted to teach the boys, to keep them up to speed.  No problem.  I no sooner put the cubes on the table with the patterning strips, that the boys (both of them) had done it. 

So much for that.  I went about cooking dinner and the boys continued to play with the Snapcubes.  Jack brought a creation to me.  Look at it and tell me what you think it is:

Yes, a wrench!  I thought it was way better than I could make.  I guess they started a theme, because this was what Josh brought me:
A hammer!  Complete with thingy on the back that removes nails.  And yes, I'm pretty sure the proper name is "thingy on the back that removes nails".  The last creation that they brought me was a present to me:

A cell phone!  The best toys are No Batteries Required.

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