Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh come, let ALL adore Him

I love Nativity Scenes. I can stare at them for hours. I imagine what Mary must have been thinking/feeling. I think about Joseph (who is often forgotten). I mostly think about Baby Jesus. My Best Friend. My Saviour. My Love (I am His bride, afterall).

I have many different Nativity Scenes, each different, yet the same cast of characters. Before we had children, they were set out on coffee tables and end tables. They were admired, but never touched. Never. They might break.

When the boys were born and became mobile, up went the Nativity Scenes. Banished to high perches on shelves. For, the boys might touch them. They might break Baby Jesus....... break Jesus.........break the One who was broken for us............

If I want my boys to have a personal relationship with their Saviour, why won't I let them play with Him? Why am I afraid they might break Him?

Let me tell you about my favorite Nativity Scene. My mother is another one who loves Nativity Scenes. She too has them all over the house. She has one that is very humble. The "stable" is made out of bark. It is coated with hay. The characters are all scratched up and broken. The angel's wing is clipped. But, as a kid, I played with that Nativity Scene every December. All December long. Ten years later, my sister played with the Nativity Scene. For a short while, there was a Cabbage Patch angel in attendance at the Miraculous Birth. Along the years, one wise man has lost his treasured gift. We're not really sure if it was the frankincense or the myrrh. That doesn't stop us from loving it all the more.

This morning I went out to the living room, to look at the Nativity Scene. Guess what I found there? Even Avatar creatures and monster trucks were in attendance. "Oh come, let us adore Him."

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