Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Gramps is a Fighter

Many of you know that I asked for prayer for Gramps about a month back. Thanks. By the grace of God, Gramps is walking (with a walker) again. It's a miracle he's alive, let alone walking. Gramps is such a fighter.

About a month ago, Gramps went out for a drive. He was in a bad accident and was in the hospital for over 3 weeks. He had spinal surgeries and was told that he might not ever walk again. He had therapists coming in every hour to teach him how to walk again. He had severed the nerves at the base of his spine, which also led to other complications. It wasn't looking too good for him.

The day after Christmas, we went to go visit him. This is when we got the full story. The day of the accident, he was driving on the 15 freeway, near Fallbrook. Someone in the lane next to him swerved, so he automatically swerved to avoid them. If you know the 15, you know that the 15 is built up from the road, down below. He careened down the enbankment 50 feet. Witnesses said he flipped back over front 2 times, and side over side 3 times before landing on all 4 wheels at the bottom of the hill. All 4 wheels, right side up. That part is amazing in itself, but the fighter part comes next.

Gramps was coherent the whole time. When his car stopped rolling, he smelled smoke and gas. He had the where-with-all to turn off the engine, undo his seatbelt, and open the door. Ok, let's just be honest here. If that was me, I would probably have passed out on the first flip. Just in case I was still coherent at the bottom of the hill, I probably would have been screaming and struggling with the seat belt. But that's me, not Gramps. Gramps stepped out of his car. Stepped. Walked away from the wreck.

Trip on this, he had a BROKEN BACK! Witnesses had called 911 while the accident was happening, so crews were on scene pretty fast. The paramedics asked Gramps how he got out of the car. He walked.... with a BROKEN BACK! He's such a fighter. He doesn't even take a broken back laying down.

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