Saturday, December 12, 2009

God is Good

God is so good to us, and most of the time we don't even realize it.

As many of you know, I drive quite a distance to work everyday. And it's not just a distance, it's also down the mountain. Even once I get there, I'm not completely safe, as teachers have had their vehicles vandalized in the parking lot. I'm talking slashed tires, keyed, and break-ins; not to mention dozens of dents.

I am a safe driver. My only accident that was my fault was 12 years ago. And it was just a fender-bender. But, driving isn't always about what you can control. For instance, it snowed 2 feet this week. On top of that, a little melts each day and covers the road. It then freezes again at night. There is also the danger of wildlife crossing. Just yesterday, I had to stop for a cow to cross the road, but elk, bear, horses, and turkey are the usual offenders.

All this to say, God protects us even when we don't directly pray for it.

I drove to work and back just fine Friday. About 5 minutes after I got home, Joe went out to the garage. My back tire was completely, rim-touching-the-ground flat. 5 minutes! What if that had happened on the way to work that morning, when it was still dark, 20 degrees, and I was going 60 mph down the hill with no pullouts? What if it had happened while I was at work and I got out to the parking lot and saw the flat, and would have had to change it myself? I consider myself an independent woman, but even I draw the line somewhere. And then, what if it had happened while I was driving up the hill, going 60 mph, with no pullouts? And what if it had been any night Sunday through Thursday, where I would have to get it fixed that night so that I could go to work the next morning?

But no. God protects us, even when we don't realize it.

Here's the second part of the blessing: We got a stellar deal on the new tires and brakes.

See, the back tires came with the van 3 years ago when we bought it used. We knew they needed to be replaced then, but it was expensive enough to buy the van. We simply said, "later". I wasn't too surprised that we needed to replace the back tires.

Joe told me that my brakes were pulling and needed to be rotated. Whatever that means! Brakes don't pull, they stop. When the tire guys (I think that's their official name) pulled off the front tires to put them on the back, they noticed that my brakes were metal touching metal. They called us and said it would cost $400 for the brake job, on top of the new tire cost. $400! Who has that kind of money in December?! Joe told them he would call them back and tell them to proceed or not. We discussed it for maybe a minute. I mean, brakes are kinda important, y'all. When Joe called back, the man immediately offered to knock off $200. Hello? We didn't even ask for a discount and you are going to knock off your entire profit margin?! Ok, I won't fight you.

But here's the deal. I took on some extra jobs this year to cover... well, to cover our mortgage. I am on the District Curriculum Team, the Student Council Advisor, and a Tutor. The school district does not pay out these amounts monthly, yet twice a year. Guess when the first paycheck will be. Yep, you guessed it. This week. God is so good.

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