Friday, December 11, 2009

Festival of Lights

Across the highway, a cute little camp is perched in the pines. Camp Tatiyee is a camp in the summer for kids/adults with mental and physical disabilities. In the winter, they hold a Festival of Lights fundraiser.

When you arrive, you get to walk around the cabins. Each cabin is decorated by a local business and you get to vote on the best decorated (we voted for the Country Store). Then, you can go into the dining room and warm up with a hot cocoa (it was 35 degrees outside). They have little trinkets for the kids to buy. The boys bought little baggies of cars and road barriers. All money goes directly to the Lions Club that pays for all the campers in the summer.

The best part is saved for last. You can go into the gym and jump in a bounce house. We were the only ones there and obviously the first ones of the night. Jack and Josh were having so much fun, one of the "elves" wanted to jump with them. This elf was 80 years old! I don't know who had more fun, the boys or her.

We didn't even realize it, but we had been there for over an hour. The Festival of Lights will definitely become an annual treat.

P.S. these are stock photos as it was too dark to get good shots. But it does look like this

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