Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"Let's go to Globe."
"Globe?! What's in Globe?"
Turns out, there are memories in Globe. And we went to get some.

I had mentioned previously that we often like to just jump in the car and drive. This time, we knew we were heading to Globe, but we didn't really know what we were going to see, do, or find there. I love those days.

When we pulled into town, we saw a green sign. I have come to love green signs (brown signs too). Green and brown signs are usually Park Service or State signs. The sign said, "Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Site". Coolness! This is where the teacher comes out in me. Archaeology. History. Memories!

It's amazing to me how you can drive through a town a dozen times and never notice certain things. Take the Indian Ruins at Besh Ba Gowah. I had never noticed the sign before. So glad we did this time.

You can click on the link for Besh Ba Gowah for more info, but basically, it is the ruins of a Native American pueblo from 700 years ago! It has a museum with artifacts found at the site. The museum has a 15 minute video teaching you about the tribe (the Salado) and their ways. Then, you can go on a walk through the pueblo.

You can see the remains of a 160-room pueblo. Some rooms have been recreated for you to see how the Salado lived 700 years ago. Some rooms have been left as they were found, just half-walls. Joshua, my adventurer, thought it would be fun to climb onto the walls and jump off. Did I mention these walls were 700 years old? This is the boy who thinks the fastest way from the living room to the den is to climb over the sofa and jump off the back. He also climbs into his car seat by going to the third row and attacking his seat from behind. Joshua. Sweetheart, those walls are 700 years old. You can't climb or jump on them. Memories.

As we were leaving the ruins, we found a gate to a secret garden. In the garden, the museum workers are recreating the crops and gardens of the Salado, from 700 years ago. We found corn, beans, and squash. We were the only ones in the garden. Then, in the corner, is another gate to a more secret, secluded garden. Larger. More lush. Beautiful.

We walked down the secret path and were amazed by the variety of plants and trees. Joe and I played Hide and Seek from the boys among the plants. Memories.

On the way back up the hill, we heard the distant rumble of a train. We sat in the shade of a pine tree and watched the little blue engine chug it's way up the hill. It's a good thing that my boys are young enough to be delighted at just the sight of a train, instead of the $68 it would have cost us to ride the train up the hill. Besides, it felt so good to just hold them and snuggle in that secret garden and talk about the "Little Engine That Could". Memories.

We drove around Globe some more in search of Spike, the steam engine. Found him. Once again, I was amazed that we had driven past that spot a dozen times and had never seen the train. Unfortunately, the boys couldn't play on him. Oh well.

For lunch, we went to Jack in the Box. It was far cry from the Mexican Restaurant we had our hearts and taste buds set on. But, they were closed. Jack in the Box it was. Once again, I thought, "what's so great about Jack in the Box?" Turns out, they have memories there too.

Jack discovered his shadow on the table. He kept trying to shake it off. He was telling his shadow to just leave him alone. Funny. Joe started to make animal-shadows. Joshua provided the sound effects. These pics are his horse face and his pig face. Memories.

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