Monday, October 5, 2009

Fire Safety Open House

October is Fire Safety Month. The town of Show Low celebrates by having a huge Fire Safety Open House. It includes all the law enforcement, medical, and fire teams in Show Low.

The first thing we saw was the Hazardous Incident Command Center. As you can see from the pic, it's an 18-wheeler, with slide-outs. We were allowed to walk inside, where they have a complete lab to test hazardous chemicals. The slide-out part by the front is where all the computers and desks are. The boys got to sit in the Commander chair. Next to this, they have the "Chemical Clean-up" station. It looked like a real big tent with showers inside.

The ambulances were next. Kids can go in the back of the ambulance and help give CPR to a dummy. Jack and Josh were not too interested in this.

Show Low Aiport Fire Department was next. They had their fire truck, but they also had a demonstration. They had a mock-plane and set it on fire. Real fire! I guess it was safe as we were literally surrounded by firefighters and fire trucks. They put out the fire with a special foam.

After the plane fire was safely put out, they set a car on fire! Two engines came roaring in, lights and sirens. The firefighters were demonstrating how to use the Jaws of Life to get people out of a car. This pic was taken after they removed the roof of the car. Look at how it looks like a pair of scissors just cut it off.

Right next to the burned up car was the helicopter. Kids were allowed to sit in the pilot's seat and wear the helmet.

After the helicopter, we walked over to Kujo. The pic above was taken this year. The pic below was taken last year.

I guess it's just always windy on the day of the Fire Safety Open House. By the way, this is the truck they use when they are fighting fires in the wilderness. Those tires are huge!
The Arizona Rangers were next to Kujo. They had their horses. Joe talked to them awhile. It wasn't my favorite exhibit.

As we were walking up the little hill, the "fire truck" train passed us. Too cute.

The boys wanted to go on the train ride too. Notice in the "before" picture that Joshua is safely sitting next to his brother. I was a little hesitant to let Josh go, but Joe said he would be fine. So, while Joe played "Dunk a Cop" with the dunk tank, I watched the train vigilantly. For awhile, they went out of view as they neared the field.

That's when I noticed something was amiss.

Notice that even Jack seems to be looking for something.... His brother. Where's Josh? Did he fall out? Did he climb out? Joshie being Joshie.

There he is. Sitting safe and sound on the lap of the very nice policeman. I asked him what had happened and he said that as they were nearing the field, Josh started to cry. So, he took him out and put him on his lap. Very nice.

After a scary clown, some yummy (free) snow cones, and fingerprint taking, the boys wanted to shoot guns.

They got to shoot the paintball guns at the bad guys. Very cool for boys who make guns out of everything. Everything. Even squash. And no, I have not taught them this. It's a boy thing.

On the field, they had demonstrations. One demonstration was with the tazer. They tazed 3 policemen. Let me just tell you. It looked quite painful. That's one experience I don't need.

They also had a propane fire demonstration. Again, I guess it was safe as there were tons of trained professionals all around.

Now for my favorite part. The k-9 officer. Have you ever seen a k-9 officer? They are so cool.

They start by having this truck "evading" the police man. The truck drives onto the field and refuses to pull over. Finally, he stops his truck and attempts to run.

The police man is shouting at him to stop. The bad guy doesn't. Then, the cop pushes a remote control button that opens the back door of his squad car automatically. The k-9 officer is out in a flash and ready to attack. Love that dog!

Since I have been attacked by a dog, I can now sympathize with this guy. I know, he's wearing a protective suit, but it has to be scary. That dog is close to your face.

The officer gets the dog off and puts her back in the squad car. Yes, the K9 officer is a female. Then, they did another demonstration.

This time, the officer is talking with a suspect. Then the suspect pulls a weapon out. Again, the police man pushed that remote control button, and watch out!

She is out in a flash and bearing down on the suspect.

All in all, it's a very fun and educational day at the Fire Department. What a perfect way to kick off Fire Safety Month.

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