Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bounty of Peaches

We were blessed with a bounty of peaches this year. No, we don't have a tree. We do have an apple and a pear tree but they didn't produce this year due to the late freeze. But, our town has a farmer's market. Yummy!

My wonderful neighbor just happened to be stopping by the farmer's market last Friday. She noticed they were packing up as she walked up. They told her this was the last market of the season. She spied a basket of peaches and asked how much they would cost. The man (I think eager to sell his stuff) told her she could have the entire box for $6. She bought the box sight-unseen. He pulled it out and it had 34 pounds of peaches! We figured it out to be about 18 cents per pound! Wal-Mart is $1.88 per pound. That was a savings of almost $60! As soon as she saw it, she knew they couldn't eat all those peaches. So, she blessed us with half.

We ate some. I wanted to make a peach dessert. I looked up peach cobbler, but that wasn't really what I wanted. I looked up peach crisp. A little closer. Finally, peach crumble. Soooooooooooo delish! (I get all my recipes from

But, we still had a ton of peaches left (and they were very ripe). Peach Jam. I have never made jam before. I have never even seen it being made before. I was a little nervous. But, once again, I used and found a real easy freezer jam recipe that didn't need special equipment.

The boys helped me mash the peaches. They ate a few on the way to the food processor. I followed the directions and viola! Peach Jam. *A note to those who want to do this, buy the reduced sugar pectin. My neighbor bought the regular pectin and just reduced the sugar (the recipe calls for 5 cups of sugar) and it messed up the set process. I bought the reduced sugar pectin and was able to use Splenda and it set up beautifully.

So, come on over for some yummy peach jam on toast. Share in our blessing.

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