Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Tribute to Harvey-One of the World's Best Neighbors

One of the world's best neighbors is moving today. I say "one" of the best not as anything negative toward Harvey. He was up against stiff competition. Shortly after Joe got out of the hospital, Randy (one of the world's best neighbors) came over and gave us a truckload of wood, knowing that Joe wouldn't be able to gather our own wood for the winter. Good neighbor. Deborah is also one of the world's best neighbors. She has baked with me, laughed with me, read Bible verses with me, prayed with me, cried with me. I could go on, but this is a tribute to Harvey, One of the World's Best Neighbors.

One of my first memories of Harvey was the kitchen remodel. I was very pregnant and couldn't be much help to Joe. Harvey would just show up at the right times to help Joe carry out the heavy, old cabinets or hold up the new cabinets, so Joe could mount them. He always had a smile and laughed.

Harvey would frequently give toys to the boys. Harvey is "The Yard Sale King" (this pic is Chase in the Bike Parade at our Block Party. His bike was "Yard Sale King". He won first place). He would buy abondoned storage units and sell the stuff inside at yard sales. He usually made a profit of $1500 per yard sale. Crazy. And he did them about once a month. But, he was generous and would frequently give my boys the pick of the litter. In fact, there is a beautiful TV cabinet sitting in our garage (that I am anxious to get into the living room) that Harvey just gave us. Good neighbor.

Harvey has a grandson, Chase, who is 5 years old. Just old enough to be one stage ahead of Jack. That meant we got his hand me downs. His clothes were always clean and well maintained. We're gonna miss those hand-me-downs.

When Chase got a big boy bike, Harvey gave us his motorized 4 wheeler. It was a little banged up, but honestly, it would have looked like this after a month with Jack and Josh anyway. Good neighbor.

Last Christmas, it snowed pretty heavily while we were in El Paso. We weren't sure if the roads were open and plowed. We called Harvey for a road report. He said they were clear. You know what? They were clear because he had taken his snow blower and did our whole driveway and ***they just drove by, for the last time (sniffle)**** walkway. We just drove right into the garage. When Joe got out of the hospital, Harvey just walked over (without our even asking) and blew our driveway and walkway. Great neighbor.

Many of the neighbors went over last night to say "see ya later". We just couldn't bear to say "good-bye". It was the most somber time I have ever had in his driveway. Blessings to you, Harvey and Joni. You will be missed. The World's Best Neighbors.

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