Saturday, July 4, 2009

Three Years

It was three years ago, on July 4th that we rode into town. We were the last "car" to pass through before they closed the road for the parade. Perhaps the trooper saw the truck, trailer, U-Haul, and transport and knew what was going on. We were just a family of 3 at the time. Joshua was on the way, but we didn't even know it yet. It was only 10 am, but it had already been a long day. As I was driving 70 miles an hour to pass Joe on the highway, he noticed that my front tire was separating and about to explode. Complete with myself, Jack, and Pepper in the truck, hauling a trailer. We had to drive 30 miles per hour for 13 miles to the nearest po-dunk gas station that had an air compressor. Word to the wise, check the air in your spare before you drive 800 miles across mountains and deserts. Then, as we were filling up with gas, my credit card was called in as fraud. Turns out that since I hadn't used it for months previously, they thought it was stollen, as all of a sudden it had gas stations, hotel, and a u-haul on it.

Three years later, we (Susan, Jack, and Josh) have this parade thing down to a science. We have our favorite spot. We have neighbors who go with us and sit with us. We know about the splash zone, and we DON'T sit there. We even know when the parade is ending and we run back to the van and can get home in 15 minutes! (Last year, it took us 1 hour) We have been invited to a BBQ for lunch. We will be going to church tonight, of which I am getting more involved. And then we will watch the fireworks tonight from a secret location.

Three years. Three years and one day. A Big Step for Me

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