Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Red, White, and Bluau

Every Fourth of July, our town has a luau to celebrate. They have it at the city aquatic center. Really, it's not fair to call it just a pool. It is the coolest place. Remember when we were growing up that our city pool was just one big rectangle? And there wasn't even a shallow end, it was like 4 feet deep? And the water was bitter cold? This pool is so much more. They have the rectangle for the lap people. Then they have the kiddy pool. It is probably 4 feet at the deepest. The shallow part is actually like at a lake or something. It gradually goes in. And gradually. You can walk in about 5 feet and still have the water at your ankles. It's great for kids. And it's heated. nice. And it has fountains and slides and stuff. How cool is that?! But, I digress.

Ok, so a celebration for Fourth of July, they call it Red, White, and Bluau. They have hula dancers, both adults and kids. I tried my best to get good shots, but it was dark. Forgive me. This first shot is pretty cool in that the dancers had candles and this is what it looks like when they are dancing.

They also had carnival games. Jack and Josh got matching tattoos, on their muscles. They are very proud of their muscles.

One of the carnival games was to catch fish with your bare hands. I thought it was impossible. Not for my fishermen. They both caught fish! Lucky me, huh? Jack took it upon himself to determine the sex of the fish; one female, one male. The girl is called "Mermaid" and the boy is called "Swimmy". He came up with these names and I'm shocked. He used to name everything "Jack" and "Josh". I guess he's growing up. We'll see how long they live. I offered to feed them to Spooky, but Jack was offended and said that they are his fishes (plural fish, I guess) and that he loves them. Great. This carnival game is going to cost me a fortune.

Half way through the hula dances, I noticed that Josh was missing a shoe. I take him and we are scouring the grass looking for his shoe. I asked him where his shoe was, and he said, "I don't know. Shoe! Shoe!", calling his shoe as if it would respond and come running to him. Too funny. We finally found it. Don't ask me how, because it was wayyyyyyyyyyyy out of the way and actually another mom found it. Moms. They're the best.

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