Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My unemployment status

Many of you have been asking what's going on with my unemployment. Here goes...

Although I have taught at the same school for 3 years, I resigned at the end of last year because we thought we were moving to El Paso. Long story short, we didn't move (which I am REALLY happy about). When I came back as a teacher in August, I was moved to the bottom of the totem pole in the district. Normally that would not matter. But, this year has been crazy to say the least with the whole budget/economy thing.

We all know that the state is going to need to make cut-backs in the budget because there are not as many funds (no one is buying, etc.) and they need to shell out more money for benefits (unemployment, health care, etc.). To be pro-active, the school districts must let the newest teachers go, in case they don't get enough money in their new budget for next year. Now, I'm not talking about just letting extra teachers go, it's affecting everyone. At my school alone, they gave out 6 letters. That would increase the class size for the remaining teachers to over 35 students! They have to hire us back, but they don't have the money.

And so we come to the state budget. Normally, the state has passed their budget long before now (think March or April) and the district knows how much money it will have next year, and they can hire teachers. But, our state dilly-dallied until the very last minute. Yes, last minute. It was due last night at midnight. It barely got to the governor's hands to approve or veto this morning. I haven't checked lately to see if she has approved it, but as of this morning, she was not happy as it did not have the things she was wanting.

How does that relate to me, Susan? Since I was not re-hired, I have no more health insurance. Not a big problem for me. I tend to be pretty healthy (except when I am working) ha ha. The boys are pretty healthy. Jack has asthma, but we have a nebulizer. It's Joe that needs the insurance. He just saw his Kidney Specialist last week, so he is up to date, but we need to keep him healthy.

My principal has assured me that I will have a job when she gets the budget. In fact, she has some crazy things in store for me this coming year. I might not get that amazing tech job, as there might not be enough money for a tech teacher if we can't even afford teachers. I understand. I love teaching, no matter what.

All in all, I have amazing peace about this. Friends are posting that they are so sorry. I'm not. I know that God will provide and seriously, 100%, from deep down inside, I am not scared. God pulled me out of Cali and put me smack-dab right here on the reservation. He doesn't just uproot His people and leave them there to starve. He will provide. Thanks for the prayers though, because we do need to keep Joe healthy and out of the hospital (at least until I have insurance again).

P.S. I am still doing my spa business (did a surprise $450 order yesterday). If you are local and want to pamper yourself and your friends, call (oops, I mean email) me. Love you all and thanks for your concern.

I have a contract. The governor was not happy with part of the budget. In fact, she was unhappy with the cuts to education. She passed most of the budget and called the legislators back to put more money in education. Way to go, Brewer! I have my job back. I will be teaching 4th grade. Although they put money back into education, there was not enough money for the amazing tech job. That's ok, as I think I would have missed being out of the classroom anyway. I love 4th grade (think, AZ History) and the students. I taught about 1/3 of them 2 years ago in 2nd grade. I am very grateful and feel blessed to have a job in this economy. And I knew that God would fulfill His promise in our lives.
Oooh, BeautiControl order just arrived at the house. Gotta go...........

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