Sunday, July 26, 2009

I need your help

I feel like the Octo-mom. I just inherited 7 fish overnight. Ok, that wouldn't make me the Octo-mom, that would make me the umm, Septo-Mom? That doesn't sound right. Sounds like Septic. Anyways, I have 7 fish now.

One is a sucker-fish (?) and he is a recluse. He lives in his little cave and hardly ever comes out. Jack has named him "Darth Vader". Pretty appropriate. There is a tiny, little fish and we have named him "Pepe" (Joe's nickname growing up). But then there are 5 fish. Please don't ask me what kind. The kind that swim, underwater, and have fins. That kind. We think one is a female and four are male. We need names.

We have already gone through Mermaid and Swimmey, rest their fins. We would like something with a theme. I was thinking: Yosemite, Lassen, Kings, Sequioa, and Death Valley. But I was turned down. Maybe VeggieTale names? Maybe real boring human names? Spanish names?

If you have any ideas on fish names, please leave your comment here and in a week I'll update and let you know the names we selected. Who knows, it might be yours. ha ha

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