Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cool website

You know me. I am always on the computer. Always looking for new things. Always looking for FREE things. I found this cool website.

I LOVE K-Love (Christian radio), but we don't get it up here in our small mountain town. I love music, hence the name Rodrigue Rock Stars. I could sing all day long. It works great in the classroom too. I have been missing K-Love since we moved but I don't have the money to buy CD's. I have tried to stream K-Love but my laptop is a school laptop and has many things blocked on it. Plus, it's a little old now (about 4-5 years).

On this website, you get to create your own radio stations. I picked Christian music, but they have everything. And you can create different stations, based on your mood. I'm thinking workout music. chilling out, reading music. I'm really digging it. Thinking about hooking up the speakers, so we can hear it throughout the house.

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