Monday, July 6, 2009

Bound to happen

It was bound to happen. I knew it would happen. It was just a matter of time.

I am attached to those darn fish. Now that I'm attached, they'll probably die tomorrow. Darn fish. It happened last time with Mr. Fish. Some of you may remember Mr. Fish from our Oakhurst home. He was our first child. I ignored him. I tried not to talk to him. I left the cleaning and feeding to Joe. But, what happened? I got attached. I started to notice his behaviors (and yes, fish have personalities). I started to talk to him. He would follow me around (in his aquarium, of course).

And then tragedy struck. I came home and found him on the floor. I threw him back in the aquarium and called Joe as an emergency at work, crying. I was pregnant at the time, so I blame the hormones. Crying over a darn fish.

Jack used to lay on the counter and watch Mr. Fish. Mr. Fish liked Jack too, but we could tell I was his first love. Until............ about a month before we moved, he committed suicide. Jumped right out of his aquarium and onto the floor, for who knows how long, until we got home. We had a service for him in the guest restroom. Sad day. From that day on, I vowed never to fall in love with a fish again. I knew what could happen. I knew that love hurts.

And then........ and then we go to the carnival and Jack and Josh win fish. Great. I promised to not fall in love though. My neighbor got off easy. Her fish died the next day. You can't build a relationship in a day. You can't get attached in a day. She's done, moved on. But me.... ..... ..... I knew it would happen.

Last night, I found myself watching the fish as I made dinner. Observing their personalities. Mermaid is definitely the outgoing one. But Swimmey is coming along. He swims a lot more than when he first moved in. And that' when I knew it. I had broken my own rule. I have fallen for these darn fish. They are probably dying as I type this.

Nope! Just checked on 'em. They're still swimming. Fish. I knew this would happen.


Just after I opened my heart, it got broken again. Mermaid passed away last night in her sleep. We had a private viewing for the family and then a funeral service in the guest restroom. Jack was the official bowl-bearer and Joshua was the official flusher.

Jack says that Swimmey is now lonely and is looking for Mermaid. He is more animated. Perhaps he is happy she's gone. Perhaps she nagged him all the time. Perhaps he slipped her something last night in her water before she went to sleep. I'm beginning to have my suspicions.

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