Friday, July 3, 2009

Art in the Park

Our town just blossoms this time of year, as many people are up visiting from the hot valley. I love it, as it offers the kids fun stuff to see.

We just got back from Art in the Park at Charlie Clarks (locals, it's there til Sunday). I am so amazed at the beauty and diversity of artists. I always thought of art as paintings to hang on the wall. There is so much more. God is truly an artist, as He has created us to be artists.

There were beautiful blown-glass pieces. Jewelry. Clothing. Food. Music. Marionettes (spelling?). Paintings. Landscape photography.

And the weather was unbeatable. When it's 110 degrees and 100% humidity in Phoenix, it's 75 degrees here with thunderclouds moving in.

The boys had a good time as we were with 3 adoptive grandma's.

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