Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Potty Training

Ok, first time mom. First time mom with a boy. I thought that I would have had Jack potty trained last summer. HA! First time mom. Jack flat-out refused. So, we tried again a few months later. Again, refusal.

Oh, I know that you are thinking, did you try this, did you try that? Oh yes, we tried. I did the chart thing with stickers. Whatever. I did the mini-m and m for sitting on the potty. Whatever. We read books about Fuzzy Bear going potty. We watched DVD's about Elmo going potty. Whatever. It was always a battle, and I had heard that you can't make it a power struggle.

So, this last Friday, I snapped. I had had enough of diapers. Besides, he was leaking through because he is just so big now (3 1/2 years). I told him firmly that there were going to be no more diapers. I am NOT buying any more.

He actually bought into it. Friday was pretty easy as we were at home and he could run around outside in underwear. He did have one accident outside, but outside is soooooooo easy to clean up. Hose!

Saturday was a little harder. We had a McDonald date with a friend. Another friend of mine (who has 4 kids) told me that you can't put that diaper back on. Even if that means they might have an accident and be embarrassed. She just suggested that I take an extra set of clothes and a towel with us in public. So smart. The inevitable happened at McD. At least the bench seat contained it all. I was so prepared! I whipped out my towel and plastic bag. I made Jack change himself as he needs to understand the consequences.

It worked because today is Tuesday and we have not had an accident since. We have been to the lake, park, Wal-Mart, restaurant, and other places with no accidents. And here is the kicker, he sleeps in the underwear for naptime and at night with NO ACCIDENTS!!!!

So, I am beginning to notice a pattern in Jack. When he was a baby, he did all the milestones on track. He rolled over. He sat up. But, he never crawled. We were getting worried and wondering why he couldn't (wouldn't) crawl. Then, one week before his first birthday, he just stood up and walked. Just stood up and walked! So stubborn. He didn't want to do it unless he could do it well.

The same thing held true for his speech. He never babbled. He had 3 words, mama, dada, and baba. His babysitter was really worried about his speech. We knew there was no problem with his hearing as he loved to dance. And then, just like the walking, one day, he started talking in full sentences. He was just stubborn until he could do it well.

Same thing (I think) with potty training. He was so stubborn about it. But now, it seems to be working. Yeah! But, I wonder what this means about other milestones in his life. hmmm a source of prayer to be sure.

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