Saturday, June 20, 2009

Great Neighborhood BBQ

I have told you a hundred times; I love living here. I not only have a great house, but I also have an excellent backyard/view, and the world's BEST neighbors!

We have this thing going with 3 other families where we get together on Friday nights to BBQ and let our kids play. Between the 4 families, we have 10 kids, all pretty close in age. We rotate houses every week and each backyard has a playset and fire pit. It's a lot of fun for the kids and fellowship for the adults.

Well, this week was supposed to be at my house, but two of the four families couldn't make it. Since I already had the food, the remaining two families decided to still have it. It just turns out that the other family lives two doors down.

While Deborah was out walking, she thought to invite our neighbors inbetween us to the BBQ. Then I thought, we should invite some other neighbors. And then, once you invite one set, you just get going and invite the whole street. Everyone came!

It was so nice. We sat around and ate for 3 hours while the kids played beautifully with each other. There was not one disagreement or argument. In fact, the nine-year-old played really well with the littles. We all had so much fun, we decided to set up our own revolving neighborhood BBQ circuit this summer.

I just know that God knew all this when our house didn't sell (both times). Thank You.

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