Monday, May 25, 2009

Such Sweet Boys

Memorial Day Weekend, the carnival comes to town. Whenever we go to a carnival or fair, the boys know that we only allow them to go on one ride. We walk around first and decide which ride to go on. Otherwise, you could spend a fortune on rides. And the funny thing is, the boys know this and expect to only go on one. They don't even fight us.

Well, this time, Jack decided on the roller coaster. I gave the man our $6 (robbery!) and strapped the boys in. Jack was soooooooooo excited. He was beaming from ear to ear. Joshie was not too sure. He started out fine, but every round he got more worried. At last, he started to cry.

Jack is so sweet. Instead of just smiling and enjoying his roller coaster ride, he bent over his brother (they were sharing a seat) and consoled him. Remember, Jack knew that he was only going to get this one ride and he could have just ignored his brother and kept on having fun. But instead, he took care of his brother. So sweet. I love my boys.

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