Monday, May 11, 2009

Hospital Blessing

So, it comes as no surprise to you that money is tight around here. I get a teacher income (even lower in AZ than it was in CA) and out of that I pay for health insurance for all of us. Also, what remained of that would cover all our bills, until just recently. (Joe just got a small raise). I am grateful for our health insurance, especially now that Joe has been diagnosed with Kidney Disease. Although we pay nearly $500/month, the insurance only covers 80%. That was no big deal when we were all healthy, but this was a hard winter. I had pneumonia in October. Jack got it in November. And Joe was hospitalized in December. All these contributed to high ER and hospital bills.

I had contacted the hospital before and told them our woes and they put us on a payment plan. I was faithfully paying a little each month, but they had a rule where accounts had to be paid off in 12 months. Well, the bills just kept coming and I couldn't keep up. I tried to be a faithful servant, but it was getting close. It was getting down to paying the hospital bill or buying diapers. So, we called the hospital again and asked for any assistance. Maybe they could stretch out our payments to 2 years. Maybe they could waive some of the fees. We filled out a ton of paperwork and then waited. And waited. And waited. In fact, we waited so long I thought they were trying to wait us out to see if we would pay. And then today, I opened the mail....

The letter explained that they have completely, 100%, fully erased our debt! All $2909! And think, that is only our 20%! We are still grateful that my insurance agreed to cover the other 80%. This makes me think of Someone else who has 100% erased my debt. And those wages were more than $2900, they were death itself. I am forgiven. If you haven't experienced forgiveness or have any questions about God, call or email me. I would love to share my experience with you and help you find peace.

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