Monday, May 11, 2009

Brand New Backyard

So, I just realized that I haven't blogged about our "new" swingset yet. We are so blessed. We basically have a brand new backyard for free.

First of all, we have the best backyard ever! It borders undeveloped forest and the view is fantastic. There is a trail through the forest that leads to Show Low Lake. I have taken the boys on many walks through there. The backyard itself is great too. It has a lawn for the boys. Shade trees. Fruit trees. And a fire pit! A real, bona-fide fire pit.

And now it has a swing set. The other weekend, a friend of mine called to ask if we wanted a swing set. I said, "of course!". She said to come and get it. She is selling a house and the property had a set. Sherri just asked if I could have it. And the lady said yes. The boys just love it. Jack is already a pro at swinging himself.

But, we needed a table/chair set and a bbq. God is so good. Remember how I blogged a few months ago about our "new" entertainment center? A lady was moving and another realtor friend of ours gave us some furniture. One piece was an entertainment center. Another piece was a glass-top dining room table and 3 chairs. We put that in the garage with the intention of selling it at the yard sale. We already have a wonderful dining room table and 4 chairs. Well, our yard sale came and went and the table didn't sell. I was a little discouraged at the thought of having to store it again in the garage for months on end. Then Joe had a brilliant idea. He suggested we use that table and chairs for our patio furniture. It's perfect.

Now the bbq. We had a bbq in CA, but it was a cheapy one and had seen better days. It didn't quite fit on the UHaul when we moved, so we figured we would buy a new one when we moved. Well, then we found out I was preggers and all our money went to that. So, long story short, we have had NO bbq for 3 years! I know, I know. I can hardly believe it myself. We have used our kiva for a bbq. A kiva is like an outdoor fireplace. Perfect for the southwest. Of course, we dreamed of buying a bbq, but they are expensive! Last summer, our neighbor bought a new one and gave us her OLD, old, old one for free. It needed work. Joe tightened things up and put in a new ignitor. All we needed was a tank. So, for the price of a tank, we have a "new" bbq.

If you live close by ( or even if you don't) come over! We want to bbq and eat outside every night.

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