Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bike Rodeo

Our little town does some amazing things sometimes. We have an annual Bike Rodeo, which has tons of free activities for kids. We did it last year, but since the boys are older this year, they got more out of it. First, they went in the bounce house and jumped around for a bit. Then, they saw the miniature horse and alpaca. They got free bike helmets. We had a free BBQ. They had raffles for free stuff (like bikes and bike accessories), but we didn't stay that long. They got to sit in the fire truck. They got to go inside the fire safety house. This was their favorite.

It just looks like a regular RV trailer from the outside, but inside is a little kitchen and benches for you to sit on. They talk to the kids about fire safety around the home, like going out the door or window if there is a fire, not touching the pot on the stove, etc. They sounded a smoke detector, so the kids would know what it sounds like and wouldn't be scared. Then, they had this special attachment in front where they can set something on fire and then put it out with sprinklers.

I honestly thought the fire safety house would be too scary or just too advanced for them. No way. They loved it. And since then, Jack has been talking about fire safety. He asks me about 3 times per day to tell him a "fire story". I'm glad we went and I look forward to more fun events in our little town.
P.S. Since then, the boys got to do "fire" again. Saturday was "Fill the Boot" day and all the fire trucks and ambulances were out at the grocery store. The boys were excited just to see the trucks, but one nice fireman offered to let them get in the truck. They looked so small in there. Those things are HUGE inside. Then, when the boys gave him their quarters, he gave them these fire helmets. Jack goes EVERYwhere with his helmet. He even wore it to church that night.

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