Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yard Sale Saturday

I love doing yard sales. I make money (yeah!) and I clear out my garage. I usually plan them around the first of the month, so as to attract the most customers. Two weeks ago, I had taken a day off work to do my yard sale on Friday and Saturday. We found a couple of years ago that Fridays are the best in our town. But, it just so turned out that that day the winds were over 50 miles per hour. Absolutely no way you could do a yard sale in that weather. But, I enjoyed the day off.

This weekend, Joe says to me at 6:40am, "let's have a yard sale today." I was planning on having it May 1st (again, hitting the first of the month), but I figured, what do I have to lose? My goal is to have everything outside and be up and running at 7:00am. I did it! But I didn't have any change. Gotta have change. I sent Joe to Wal-Mart to get a pack of gum and $50 cash back in ones and quarters. Good thing I already had my "shopping bags" ready to go.

Our neighbor is a professional Yard Seller. He buys storage units and has yard sales to sell the stuff. He makes good money that way. He averages about $1500 from each sale. I have learned a lot from him. Well, this weekend, he was having a yard sale too. I like teaming up with him because he has good signs on the highway and people around town know him and know that he has good stuff. Turns out that another house was having a yard sale as they are going through a foreclosure and needed to sell EVERYthing! We called in our "mulit-family" yard sale to tRadio and we got TONS of traffic.

The morning was freezing. Literally freezing. About 26 degrees. But, by the afternoon, I was hot (65 degrees).

Mission accomplished?..... Yes! I got rid of a lot of little stuff. We are going to pull everything else out of the garage today and mop the floor (I know, a little anal, but with snow all winter, it needs it) and rearrange.

Oh, and the money thing.... for 7 hours of sitting and chatting and eating, we made $200 exactly. Not bad for a Saturday.

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