Sunday, April 26, 2009


I did something yesterday that I have never done in my 18 years of wearing contacts. I ran out of my big bottles of saline, so I started to use up the travel bottles of saline. I used up the first travel bottle the other day, so Friday night I opened another one. When I put my contacts in Saturday morning, my eye exploded in PAIN!!!!!

I had to force my eye open to pry the contact out. I thought that maybe I had gotten some soap on my fingers, so I washed again, and tried again. OUCHHHHHHHHH!! OMG, if I cursed that would have been the time.

I rinsed my eyes and put Visine in. Then I inspected the travel bottle a little more carefully. It was a travel bottle of enzyme solution. I can't believe I did that.

But here is the problem, my eye is still in pain and that was about 34 hours ago. The white part of my eye is pink. The hazel part of my eye is green. And it still hurts. Did I tell you that it hurts? I am going to pray for healing tonight and if it's not better by tomorrow morning, I will go to the doctors. I hate going to the doctors. Please pray for healing on my eye. I don't mind looking like a freak, but I don't want damage on my eyes.

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