Monday, April 27, 2009

Mom of the year

So, today I earned the mom of the year award. I know what you are thinking, Susan, mom of the year? Let me tell you about it...

I got out of the doctor appointment and went to pick up the boys. Joe was doing pine needles at a home in Show Low and he took the boys with him. They mostly played around while he worked, but they were getting hungry and tired. When I got there, I had to take their car seats out of his truck and put them in my minivan. As I was transferring car seats, Joshie was playing in the van. I finally got all the seats in, got the diapers changed, and got the boys buckled into their seats. Then I shut the door. BIG mistake.

Joshie had locked the doors while he was playing. There were my keys, in the ignition. There were the boys, locked in their car seats. And there was our extra key, back at home, 10 minutes away. Good thing was that I had cracked open the back windows and it wasn't a hot day.

Our only solution was to have me drive Joe's work truck back to the house to get the extra key, and then drive back. So, there I was, all dressed up for work, complete with earrings and necklace and driving the work truck, piled high with pine needles. I must have been quite the sight. Quite the paradox.

Yeah, mom of the year.

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