Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sorry this has taken so long

Let me start by saying, "sorry this has taken so long." It has been a crazy 2 weeks. You know that the flu swept through our family, but it stayed on Joe a little longer. He really scared me there for awhile. He couldn't shake it and lost a ton of weight (and you know that Joe doesn't have a pound to lose). His attitude was also tanking. He always gets a little depressed in the winters, but this year was especially hard; with the loss of his business and his Kidney Disease. But, the sun has come out and my husband is thawing and returning to the man I married.

We did go to Flag for Joshie's 2nd birthday and I think the boys had a good time. They got to lay in bed with Grandma and play at the mall playground. But, basically, I was a single mother for those 2 days while Joe was sick all night long. NO sleep for me. I have soooooooooo much respect for single moms. That is a HARD job!

Joe has since kicked the bug. We are all healthy, again. I am back to work. Life as usual.

Friday night I went to my friends church, where they were showing "Fireproof". Such a good movie. I suggest everyone see it; married or not. I want the book now.

Saturday, we had to leave the house for another showing. Selling a house is so much work. I can't wait til it's over. So, we went to our local park and walked around the lake. The boys were begging to fish, but we didn't bring the poles or tackle. That night, we went to church and rocked out. I love our church.

So, Sunday, the house was clean, the groceries were put away, and we had the whole day to ourselves. We decided to go to the fish hatchery and to the park/lake in Payson. At the hatchery, we saw a bald eagle. The boys pretended to fish in the creek (no fishing that close to a hatchery). I have pics that I will try to attach. Then at the park/lake, the boys got to "fish". I say "fish" because we don't trust them with hooks yet. They are at the stage where they want to hold the pole themselves and cast and reel by themselves. They don't want help. So, no hooks. We did put a lure on one and a worm on the other. Joshie was fine just dipping his worm in the water and pulling it back out. He thought he caught a fish everytime. Too cute. Jack is real good at reeling already so he practiced his casting. It's fun to watch. He has a natural fly fishing cast. We just have to teach him "lazy man's" casting. Then, Joe took them on a bike ride all around the lake. We brought their tricycles. They were so tired by the time they got back. Snoring. Music to my ears.

Well, the workweek has started, so that means that I have little time or energy for anything else. I will try to keep this updated more often. sorry blogstalkers.

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